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Z-antenna for DVB-T2, 3G, Wi-Fi

Z-antenna looks like two squares which are installed on each other. There is a little distance left between them in the places of junctions. Exactly in this place the cable which is spread along the two lower right sides of the antenna and is fastened with dielectric material (cable ties, fishing line, etc.) is connected to the antenna.

The coefficient of gain of such an antenna is about 5 - 6 db. It should suit the digital TV reception in the line of the sight at a distance about 15 km or about 5 km in conditions of reception of a reflected signal (for example, from a nearby building).


Write the channel's number of the first multiplex (21-69, if none of them - 0):

Write the channel's number of the second multiplex (21-69, if none of them - 0):

If you do not know the channel's number you can write the frequency (Mhz):

Антенна для DVB-T2 Z-antenna

For making such an antenna you will need a copper wire 2-4 mm thick (you can use some power cable or a thin tube), antenna cable with a wave resistance 75 Om (RG-6 or RG-58), a plug and an soldering iron. The construction can be made in 30 minutes. You can solder some pins 5-6 cm length for attaching it to the wall if it is necessary.


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