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Easy handmade antenns for DVB-T2, Wi-Fi, 3G

Nowadays digital TV of DVB-T2 standard covers almost the whole world. Although, you can be often be situated far from the transmitter or your windows can be situated in such way that the signal is not in the line of sight. In this case it is possible to catch the signal of digital TV only using the antenna with a big gain or to add an amplifier to your antenna.

Why should you choose to make antenna yourself? Firstly, it is really very cheap and, secondly, the antenna gain of such an antenna is really higher than the antenna gain of an antenna made in a factory.

It happens as antennas made in factories are suggested to recieve the signals in the whole UHF range and for providing an even gain such antennas are detuned by lengthening and shortening some elements. As a result, the power gain decreases. But the antenna you make yourself is only for one channel.

The calculation of DVB-T2 antennas is made automatically in this site. It is necessary to know the numbers of the channels of digital TV broadcasting in your region for the right calculation.


We offer you several constructions of antennas. They are located in the order of increasing of the power gain and the complexity of the construction. we can only approximately say at which distance will work one or another antenna since it depends on many reasons.