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Triple square antenna for DVB-T2, 3G, Wi-Fi

This antenna represents three squares - director, the driven element which is a folded dipole ant the reflector, which are located in one guide. It is suitable for reception of far signals DVB-T2. Nowadays it is the most popular antenna construction for making yourself.

The power gain of this three-element loop antenna is 14-15 Db. The author managed to receive the signal of decimetral range from Ostankino Tower being in 65 km from it.

Sotnikov said that its up and bottom sides work as phased lattice consisting of three-element Yagi antennas.


Write the channel's number of the first multiplex (21-69, if none of them - 0):

Write the channel's number of the second multiplex (21-69, if none of them - 0):

If you do not know the channel's number you can write the frequency (Mhz):

Антенна для DVB-T2 Тройной квадрат

For making such an antenna copper wire or a tube with the diameter 2-5 mm are usually used. It is common to fasten the construction to the dielectric pole located close to the cable (look at the picture)


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